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Our practice is built around litigation. If a client's legal issue can't be reasonably resolved beforehand, we are ready and willing to file a lawsuit and take the case through mediation and trial in order to obtain a fair and equitable resolution for our client. In and out of the courtroom, we help our clients navigate a wide range of civil and criminal legal matters, most of which tend to involve one of five basic practice areas.
Civil Litigation


Have you been in a car wreck or other type of accident? Are you hurt? Were your injuries caused by the careless actions of someone else, through no fault of your own? 


Accidents happen, but negligence is nobody's friend. Texas law allows all injured persons to recover compensation from those responsible. We can assert your rights to help maximize your recovery.


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​Do unnecessary "lawyer words" put you off? Do you not always read every paper you sign? Or maybe everything you're about to sign looks alright but you just want to be sure.


We do all sorts of contract-related work, from drafting and modifying agreements of all types to looking over one-off documents so our client feels comfortable signing it. We dig through the details so you don't have to.

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Business Law


Do you have a start-up idea, want to expand a weekend gig, or invest in your side hustle? Have operations changed or has past success created new challenges?


Whether it's hands-off entity formation and corporate maintenance or hands-on counsel impacting your decisions and bottom line, we provide strategic counsel on a range of unique business legal issues. 


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Estate + Family Law

Making sure that your personal and family affairs are in order, whether it's your will or when you see your child, is one of the most important legal responsibilities.


We can help with immediate needs like family law issues and future needs like wills, trusts, and estate planning to you and your family don't have any surprises about what matters most: your loved ones.  


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Criminal Defense


Have you been stopped by police, ticketed, or arrested? Are you completing probation or deferred adjudication for a prior matter?


Every day, thousands of Texans are accused of breaking the law. Sometimes that accusation is correct; many times it's not. Because a criminal charge affects more than just the accused, we work to minimize the impact on your family, job, freedom, and future.


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Most of the time we can, sometimes we can't. But you'll never be charged while we figure that out and if you want to hire some other lawyer after talking to us, well, that's ok too.