How much MONEY?

Please be aware of two basic facts:


  1. doing legal work costs money; and

  2. in order to do legal work for you, I have to be paid.


If you don't pay your bill, I can't do more legal work for you until you do. It's that simple.


I understand the total cost of legal representation can seem expensive in many cases, especially when a lawyer's work isn't tied to a result that is immediately visible (e.g., documents drafted; a settlement offer; resolution of the matter; etc.). This can make people reluctant to contact a lawyer. Since time is very important in the law, waiting to consult a lawyer can have serious and negative consequences for your case.


To encourage a positive experience, I have made certain choices about how I run my practice in order to be more flexible with what I can offer to my clients.


  • Every initial consultation is free, including the time it takes me to determine what, if anything, I might be able to do to address your issue (research, consulting other attorneys, etc.).

  • I run a very low-overhead office so I don't have to work administrative costs into your bill.

  • In some cases, you may pay a small fee to offset some costs of travel (e.g., fuel, parking), but you will not be billed for my time spent in transit to or from an appearance in your case.

  • As a rule of thumb I only bill for substantive, detailed client correspondence, which is fairly rare. Nearly every call or email will be free, and when you call or email, you will get to me, not someone else.

  • When appropriate, I prefer to bill clients a flat-rate fee for my work. 

  • When appropriate, I can arrange for a bill to be paid in equal installments on a payment plan.

  • If you are a client, and you refer a new client to my office, you'll receive a referral credit reducing your bill by an amount relative to the scope of work I will do for the client you referred.

  • Except for criminal defense cases, if you are a returning client or if you maintain multiple open files with my office, I will almost always be able to bill you at a reduced hourly rate for my services.


Depending on a number of factors, I may not be able to offer certain flexibility to Client A that I can offer to Client B. Each situation is different and when we discuss the details of yours, I will determine what options may be available. Regardless, the financial arrangement we agree to will be clearly explained and detailed in writing before you incur any fees for work performed on your case.


I can accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.